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updated thu 20 feb 03


Les Elford on wed 19 feb 03

What would you suggest in a cone 6 range for the Albany for my electric. Do you have any gooooood recipes. I also will be firing reduction in a gas kiln I will be trying soon at cones 6 and 10. If you have sugestions for that it would be appreciated.

>From: Earl Brunner
>Reply-To: Clayart
>Subject: Re: Sub for kentucky ball clay
>Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 17:09:51 -0800
>NO!! I can think of LOTS better things to do with Albany Slip Clay,
>That stuff is scarce as hen's teeth.
>Les Elford wrote:
>> > Ron I have a 50 lb. bag of Albany Slip Clay and access to a
>>local high
>>betonite clay with a lot of other minerals in it. I am going to
>>experiment with your Rasberry Glaze and see what happens by
>>the OM-4 with these clays. I also have some OM-4 from the early
>>Hope I can come close to what is in your book.
>>The question I have; is the OM-4 in your recipe Kentucky OM-4 Ball
>>The material I have is still in the original bag.
>>Thanks for your help.
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