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junk at bottom of ash-glazed bowls

updated sun 23 feb 03


Paul on sat 22 feb 03

I have been using an ash glaze that works well but when i use it inside of
pots, like bowls, i get a pool of rough residue in the bottom. Everywhere
else is fine except that this stuff collects in the bottom. I mixed the
glaze first with some ash that had been sitting in a pile outside for a long
time, then thought maybe it was not washed enough, so i thoroughly washed it
again and mixed a new batch, with the same results. I used this glaze a few
years ago with no problem, although the ash was certainly different. The
only thing i can think is that it could be the ash or the fact that the kiln
i use now goes hotter in some areas than the one i used to fire this in. I
fire to cone 11 in reduction, and here is the recipe:
Mixed hardwood ash 35
Feldspar 35
China clay 15
Talc 15

Can anyone offer some advise on how to overcome this problem? Thanks,