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surfing with helen bates - mended teabowls and much more

updated mon 24 feb 03


Helen Bates on sun 23 feb 03

Surfing with Helen Bates - mended teabowls and much more - a list of
Japanese Teabowls, broken and mended, still cherished; with pages on the
Japanese tea ceremony, and other teabowls, ancient and modern.

To the person looking for information on the Japanese practice of
cherishing and repairing teabowls:

I have a long list here, and I hope you will have time to look at some
of the sites. There are too many for me to write about, so I leave the
group of sites below undescribed.

The Ancient Tea Ceremony


Kintsugi (Mended)

Japanese sites - load in Altavista's Babel Fish Translator

English sites





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