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sunday march 16: post nceca public art and tile tour

updated fri 28 feb 03


Stephani Stephenson on thu 27 feb 03

Following are details on a Post Sunday tour offered by PUBLIC ADDRESS, a
group of local artists who focus on Public art projects in The San Diego
area. Contact information regarding this tour is given at the bottom of
the page.


in conjunction with the NCECA national ceramics

Sunday, March 16, 2003. 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. $75.

The PUBLIC ADDRESS tour (subject to change) will
consist of 3 parts:
1. Boarding at the Town and Country Hotel - 8:00
- 8:30 a.m. The participants may bring their luggage
as the final 2 stops will be the airport and the train
station. On board will be two members of PUBLIC
ADDRESS to lead the tour and answer questions.
2. Visiting 4 sites of the most spectacular and
varied palette of contemporary ceramic tile work in
the San Diego region. PA members (including the
artists) will be at each stop to discuss the work.
3. The tour will return our (visually, mentally and
physically) satiated group to:

A. Lindbergh Field Airport ( by 12:15 p.m.) where
there are mosaics by Mary Lynn Dominguez at the
restrooms of Terminal
B. Santa Fe Depot, the Amtrak/ San Diego Trolley
Station (by 12:30 p.m.) where there is excellent
historic and contemporary tilework ,
C. and to back to the T&C. Hotel (by 12:45 p.m.)


A. PUBLIC ADDRESS member Wick Alexander’s
Mid-century home studio, is in the arts friendly
neighborhood of North Park. Wick is a green gardener
and a renowned painter. He has recently applied his
irreverent use of color to neo-Rococco mosaics. Under
way in his palm and bamboo studded studio, the tour
participants will see three BIG, 21’ mosaic towers
under construction, for the Valley Transit Authority,
San Jose, California. Mexican hot chocolate, coffee,
fresh squeezed backyard orange juice and egg burritos
will be cooked up and served by PA members. 8:45 -
9:15 a.m.

B. Six artists created public artwork at City
Heights Global Village Library (where 37 native
languages spoken). The library is part of a
nationally, award winning, urban development area.
The park in which it is set boasts the library, a
black box theater, swimming pools, tennis courts, a
police station, town council offices, an elementary
school and a shopping center. A unique art
collaboration as well, the competitors chose to split
a $30,000 public art commission, creating a BIG
collection of projects throughout the library. Most
are tile, including works by PA members. Robin
Brailsford, who hand made and set 500 square feet of
glazed green tile inspired by ancient symbolism and a
Rene Daumal quote, and Mary Lynn Dominguez - whose
refined blue Bisazza interior rivulet panels
incorporate river rock garnered from the site. Also
included are tileworks by Jihmye Collins and etched
slate by Jesus Dominguez, with fiberworks by Chong
Xiong Thao, and a chromatic mural by PA member Wick
Alexander. 9:30 - 10:00 a.m. No food, but good art
and bathrooms.

C. PA ’s Philip Matzigeit’s 700’ long cement and
tile retaining walls for the City of San Diego Water
Department (set in native coastal sage scrub habitat)
are astounding. Though classified as “public” art,
these huge abstract native reliefs are far off the
beaten track, known only by the coyotes and red-tailed
hawks that frequent this canyon. Philip grew up in
Africa, has studied spirituality throughout the
southwest, and worked in San Diego with master
architect /craftsperson - James Hubbell. The
influences of all are are evident in the colors,
forms, scale and clarity of this masterful series of
BIG art retaining walls. No bathrooms... but lots of
nature. Fruit salad, iced water bottles and
authentic Mexican pastries will be served. 10:15 -
10:45 a.m.

D. Internationally renowned artist Niki De Saint
Phalle died recently in her San Diego home, but her $1
million gift to the the City of Escondido and the San
Diego region, “Queen Calafia’s Garden,” is still
under construction. Consisting of magical BIG
semi-precious stone walls which are interwoven snakes
embracing a black and white and mirrored maze, 15’
gold tesserae totems of the consorts of, and the
legendary queen for whom California was named,
etcetera., etc. this is a project not to be missed.
As it is still under construction, this will be the
first public tour ever to view it. The craftsmanship,
size, budget, materials, philanthropy and artistic
vision of this artwork sets a new bar for
international excellence. Perched on a hill in a
park with a view to a duck filled pond, members of
the Escondido Public Art Committee will wine and dine
us within its walls with offerings from local wineries
and avocado orchards. Bathrooms 500 yards from the
work. 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 p.m.

4. NCECA tour participants should make their travel
plans accordingly. PA is not responsible for
unexpected delays. PUBLIC ADDRESS will hire
mini-buses to transport the group. Space will be
extremely limited, but may be increased by filling
additional buses. Please sign up ASAP. Proceeds will
cover the costs of the bus, brochure and good food.
PA members time will be donated. Any profits will
fund future PA public outreach work.

Sign-up: by Friday, March 14, 2003
Cancellations (no refunds after): Friday, March 14,

Checks may be written to: Public Address.

No charges can be processed.

For additional information please contact:

Public Address

Robin Brailsford 619-468-9641
BIG NCECA Tour Committee
3327 Nile Street
San Diego, CA. 92104

There will be an opening reception for the tour at The
Sierra Club, Ray Street, San Diego, CA on Saturday,
March 8, 2003. The SC is at Stop #1 on the “NCECA,
SDSU and Colleges” shuttle.