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nceca transportation

updated mon 3 mar 03


terry sullivan on sat 1 mar 03

I was just down checking things out at the conference site and had a
chat with some of the conference sales people.

Shuttle service from the airport to the Town and Country ( as well as
the other Hotel Circle places near the conference ) is provided by Cloud
Nine vans. Cost is $ 8 single and less with a group. Just go to the
shuttle van pick up area outside the baggage areas, or call cloud 9 from

During the conference Town & Country hotel says they will maintain a
continuous van service with the other three hotels across the freeway.
So Clayart / conference folks don't have to walk the 10-12 minutes* each
way. They say the service will be morning to mid evening.
For those who are using wheelchairs etc.; do NOT attemp to go between
the T & C Hotel and the Holliday Inn.except by van. There are non ramped
curb crossings and very heavy hotel auto traffic.

Hope this helps.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Arts

* the 10-12 minute time was based on my moderate pace from the main
conference room lobby to the lobby of the Holliday Inn. Individual
times may varry. Inclement weather may increace or decrease transit time
depending on individual incentive and abilities. Crossing without the
green crossing sign ok may decrease time to hotel or on earth.

Jeff Tsai on sun 2 mar 03

Of course, terry,

If you did walk from the town and Country to the Holiday In you would get to
see five very poorly placed and poorly lit large tile pieces made by my
professor as part of the San Diego Public Art projects over a year ago.

Of course, they're so poorly placed and lit it isn't worth it.

Under a freeway overpass isn't the best place for art is it? Isn't public art
supposed to be viewable by the public?