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updated sun 2 mar 03


Gail Dapogny on fri 28 feb 03

Wow, Kay,
Sounds wonderful and exciting. Congratulations! Let us know here in Ann
Arbor if there's any way we can help. Good for you!!
Gail Dapogny in Ann Arbor

>From: Kay Howard & Phil Chaban
>Hi--It has been a big week--Phil and I have been interested for a while in
>a proposed project in Jackson, MI called the Armory Arts Project. This is
>a project to revitalize and renovate a deserted industrial complex into
>an arts complex including up to 35 residential and work spaces for
>artists. The complex will also include space for a number of non-profits
>with one of the largest a ceramics based center with plans for excellent
>studio and teaching space. The project is a joint effort between local
>movers and shakers and an organization they have hired to be the developer
>called ArtSpace Projects, Inc. Some of you may recall that Phil and I
>toyed with the idea of joining an intentional community, but found that it
>would be either too expensive or too primative or too something. However
>the idea of living with and working in proximity with other artists (can
>we spell energy and synergy?!) and not having to leave the community which
>we like, was appealing. Here's the exciting part--we got a call from the
>local director that our local NPR affiliate Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor
>(WUOM) had gotten wind of the project and wanted to do an interview with
>someone who wanted to live there--would we do the interview? As loyal
>MiR members for many years--and what I listen to in the studio--we were
>thrilled. Our interview with Tamar Charney will be on Monday Mar 3
>during Morning Edition (7:50 or 8:50am) and again at 4:50 ("All Things
>Considered", I think). I hope we don't sound like idiots!
>If anyone would like more information on the project (move in scheduled
>for early to mid 2005) I can e-mail you stuff off-list or will chat on
>phone. This will be low income housing (but it's amazing what a pittance
>comes out of that schedule C), rents will be modest and I expect we will
>qualify. Examples of other Artspace projects are at
> . Some miraculous transformations..
>Also--if anyone out there already lives in an Artspace project, we would
>love to know how you feel about what the company has done. You know, like
>did they live up to the hype? Did rents stay affordable? etc--
>The required disclaimer: no business, family or other connection with
>this company--just excited about what the project can do for Jackson, the
>community and artists.
>In the middle of all this, we refinanced our mortgage (locked in a rate in
>anticipation of who knows what is about to occur as dictated by our
>fearsome leader), and finished the by-laws for our new guild
> . So we are finally almost to the
>point where we can invite new members. Again anybody out there interested
>in more info, e-mail or call.
>Kay and Phil in cold but sunny Grass Lake, MI

Kay Howard & Phil Chaban on sat 1 mar 03

Hi Gail--Actually several of our members took a field trip to AA and had =
some very informative discussions with several of your members. I was =
not able to make that trip, but remembered much from my student days =
there about 10-11 years ago. You all were very generous with time and =
information, as was the Greater Lansing Guild and Western Michigan. To =
everyone from those groups, thank you so much. Your support and advice =
was critical. It took us a while to get our act together, but I feel =
good about the way we have finally defined ourselves and can move on. =
We are more an association, with no plans for a facility of our own but =
looking forward to camaraderie, shared info, workshops, sales, exhibits =
and community involvement. Like Clayart, the caring and sharing from =
other groups was remarkable. Potters are good people. We are currently =
small, but are now able to welcome inquiries from mid-Michigan folks. = . =20

Cheers--stay warm! =20

Kay in cold Grass Lake, MI 35 miles west of Ann Arbor, 40 miles south =
of East Lansing at the crossroads of Michigan=20