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clayart crystal melvis at nceca mug exchange

updated wed 5 mar 03


Eric Gordon on wed 5 mar 03

the current owner of melvis sent this to me.. we will see him again
this here are the details..good luck to one and all

It's been an honour to care for this most sacred object but I'm ready to
the gift of it's beneficence to another.

He appeared mysteriously on the table at the Clayart "thing" exchange
last year and remained unclaimed.

On the night of the dance, I was visited by a mysterious messenger with
the name of a guinea pig and was entrusted with his keeping.

I an emergency meeting of the "Clayart Crystal MElvis Procedure and
Ritual Committee" where terra-sig specific gravity measurements were
interpreted and the spirits of Bernard Leach and Robert Arneson were
invoked (they became so totally immersed in a heated quarrel regarding
art vs craft that we were unable to get any counsul from them) the
following duties, rituals and procedures were decided.

1. The "Clayart Crystal MElvis" is to be entrusted to a new "Steward of
the Sacred Object" each year.

2. The next "Steward of the Sacred Object" will be the person who draws
the Clayart "Thing" Exchange object of the current "Steward of the
Sacred Object". Conflicts and ambiguities related to the selection will
be settled by the "Mugettes". Their judgment is final.

3. The "Steward of the Sacred Object" must fulfill the following sacred

a. They must care for the "Clayart Crystal MElvis" in the intervening
year and return the "Clayart Crystal Melvis" to it's altar (the Clayart
"Thing" Exchange table) at the following NCECA. The presence of the
Clayart Crystal MElvis signifies that Clayart is resident in the Clayart
Suite, Alice's Room.

b. In the intervening year, they must do something to "enhance" the
Clayart Crystal MElvis. This is a most sacred obligation and is not to
be neglected. Failure to perform this duty will be subject to a penance
to be metted out by the "Muggettes". A suitable penance, for example,
would be to convert all the cone 6 glazes in Ron and John's book to cone
04, food safe, durable glazes without the aid of a glaze calculator.

5. Neither current nor past "Stewards of the Sacred Object" are allowed
to put the title "Steward of the Sacred Object" on their business cards,
web pages or other promotional materials.

6. Any miracles to be attributed to the Clayart Crystal MElvis are to be
reviewed and approved by the "Muggettes"

7. Amendments to procedures, rituals and paraphernalia related to the
Clayart Crystal MElvis are to be approved by the "Secret Clayart Crystal
MElvis Procedure and Ritual Committee" according to the interpretation
of the appropriate signs.