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great weekend (ot) and webpage updates, nceca weather

updated wed 5 mar 03


Stephani Stephenson on tue 4 mar 03

HI all!
I had a fabulous weekend. Went to Los Angeles to cheer on a friend who
ran the LA marathon for the first time.
25, 000 runners. The city was beautiful, recent rains clearing the air,
even snow capped mountains visible. the marathon went through so many
varied neighborhoods.
What was beautiful about it , and I have never been to an event like
this before, was that people of every color, body type, age, religion,
race, economic background, etc. were participating. It was like humanity
on parade and in a beautiful way. The city of los angeles did a fabulous
job hosting this event and the neighborhoods all came out to cheer on
the participants, plus it was amazingly easy to drop in at different
parts of the course to cheer on my friend! I was really proud and happy
to participate with so many people in such a positive event.

Also I will be updating the 'unofficial' web pages I have been posting.
Did it on Friday before I left town, and the computer crashed , yes
losing the updates so will do it again tonight.

Weather here i has been cool ( some daytime lows in the low 60s), breezy
and even rainy. Last week we got several inches, this week is cloudy ,
threatening rain, sea breeze is mellow but cool.... interspersed with
absolutely gorgeous days in the low to high 70s.. so think about
bringing a windbreaker and umbrella along . The good news is, everything
has greened up and the flowers and tonic air are waiting for you!

Stephani Stephenson