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low fire crystal glazes

updated wed 5 mar 03


Sabine Wolf on tue 4 mar 03


I made some cubes to put nigthlights in it. I glazed one cube with a =
really fascinating crystal glaze, much better than I expected ( = ). I thought higher =
temperatures than cone 04 are necessary for such crystal development. =
The glaze was a commercial one, but I would like to develope such low =
fire crytal glazes for myself. It would be nice to get some help from =
the glaze addicts here on the list. I can't burn at higher temperatures, =
the kiln is shared with a lot of other people. Another fascinating thing =
is the cube I placed on the side of the crystal cube and glazed blue has =
a lot of crystal on one side. ( =
(The scan is rather bad, everything not really flat gets unsharp)) So =
some materials from the crystal glaze vaporized and created effects on =
the other glaze. Burning with a lot of different glazes is like a =
lottery.. ;-)