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teflon tape fix for well used giffin grips

updated wed 5 mar 03


Brian Giffin on tue 4 mar 03

I received this email from Ron Herman,, and got that
"Of course" feeling. I've been looking many years for something like this.
As grips get older the center peg wears down, (sorry about that), this fixes
it with precision, for next to nada.

"... I had placed an order
with our local ceramic supplier in Santa Barbara (soon afterwards went
out of business) for a new Giffin Grip, as the original had worn after
fifteen or twenty years. You had told me that the plastic wore over time
and you generously offered me a discount towards replacement. I could
not have accepted your offer because I certainly got my money's worth,
and then some.

A few days later my partner saw me tapping to center something on
the original Grip, and he wanted to look at it. He took it apart and
decided that wrapping the interior center post with teflon (plumbing)
tape would solve the problem. He wrapped it around four or five times,
and popped it back together. It has worked well until yesterday. I was
having trouble trimming a very tall narrow piece. I thought the piece
was cock-eyed, but when I spun it on the wheel head it was true. So I
took the Giffin Grip apart, and sure enough, the teflon tape had
shredded. I replaced it, and I am back in business..."

So pass it on.

See you at NCECA
Brian Giffin
Giffin Tec
Boulder, CO