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updated thu 6 mar 03


Marcia Selsor on wed 5 mar 03

Russel is en route as of Wed. am from Belgium (name of guy organizing
the slide forum)
Clayart will meet in Alice's Room (Sierra room at Holiday inn)
Cocktail Party.formal, semi formal or whatever and tie contest is Wed
night after the opening ceremony 9:15-11 something
Slide Forum ...not sure, sorry.
Mug exchange ...not sure either.
Marcia Selsor

James Salazar wrote:
> hello everyone,
> i am back on list after a little break. but after just one day it is
> great to see folks are still interacting, discussing and solving problems.
> what a great list.
> i just have a few questions. i know the clay arters are planning get
> togethers, drinks, food and all that fun stuff. does anyone have a list
> compiled of what is happening and where? having been off list, i don't
> know if there is gonna be a clayart room, slide forum or ???? if someone
> has an activity list could you please post it. the other question i have
> is in regards to the slide forum we did last year. i ran the slide
> projector as i do everyday in my classes and we seemed to have every
> technical problem we could have. i had mentioned to the guy in charge
> (who's name i can't remember) of the forum that i would be glad to help
> out again this year. i am able to bring a projector and carousels to
> ensure a smoother run of things. soooooooooo, what was the slide forum
> guys name, do you need my help this year, should i bring equipment???
> any help on names or information will be great,
> thanks
> jim bob
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