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nceca and comment inc ride to nottingham

updated thu 6 mar 03


Catherine White on wed 5 mar 03

To Rebecca, I'm driving my mini-van to Nottingham. Pat Voss is joining
me. We have reservations for Friday and Saturday night so will leave after
the dance. You're welcome to ride along with us. Also room for one or two
more. We have a room at the Ramada in San Marcos.
This is my first NCECA. For the dance, I plan on a long casual skirt,
little top, and a sweater over that. I think jeans and tees are the order of
the day, but am not sure. Help! Old-timers please tell us what to wear!
And about eating...... I do not want to spend a fortune on
uninteresting breakfasts and lunches. I can enjoy a $.99 fast food hamburger
as easily as a $7.00 one. Maybe there's a microwave available at the hotel
or conference area?
All info is appreciated, folks...............

Catherine in Yuma, AZ
----- snip-----
Is the Fri. night dance formal or is it you come dressed however you'd like?
> Also, is there any last minute advice anyone would like to provide to
> of us who are attending for the first time? What to bring, what not to
> bring, stuff like that.
> And lastly, I'm going to Nottingham post-NCECA and would like to know if
> there is anyone on the list with whom I can ride up on Sat. I also need
to get to the airport on Sun.
> I would not mind taking public transportation, but so far have not found
> anything appropriate
> Rebecca Knight