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possible new fair/sales venue in london, ontario

updated thu 6 mar 03


Gavin Stairs on wed 5 mar 03

This is mainly for Clayarters in the vicinity of London, Ontario.

The Elsie Perrin Williams Estate is investigating (very preliminary) the
idea of having a craft/pottery fair in the late summer/fall. If this seems
like a good idea to you, please get in touch with them or with me. They
are not official with this yet, so you should simply register your interest
in such an event, and offer any help you feel comfortable with. If you
want, I can pass messages.

I'm not connected with the place, except as a client: We're having a Poem
for Peace event there March 9.

The Elsie Perrin Williams Estate is a heritage property in North London,
just NW of Western University on Windermere Road. I has extensive lawns
and grounds, and is a beautiful property. There is also a sizable mansion,
which can be used for gatherings of up to 120 people. It is used for
weddings throughout the summer. Operated by the Heritage London Foundation.

The property and the event have possibilities. Similar events have drawn
10,000+ people. However, the management is all volunteer, and rather
tentative. I have advised them that such an event could be a good money
maker for them, but that they need to be aware of the costs of booth
renters, and they have to draw the crowds. I think that the short suit
might be organization and promotion, so this could be an opportunity for
local craftspeople to collaborate in a joint effort.

Just another opportunity.