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updated fri 7 mar 03


Lily Krakowski on thu 6 mar 03

The Brits do pronounce things differently at times. But besides nuclear,
which some people can't manage, linoleum, aluminium, and chimney are
frequent problem cases. Around here the majority of people add a T to
across. "He went acrost the street." And for reasons unknown Syracuse is
pronounced Saracuse.

Earl Brunner writes:

> I had to laugh when I read this. It brought to mind a time back in the
> early 70's when I was in England for a while. I got into an argument
> with someone over the pronunciation of aluminum. They were calling it
> aluminium. Boy was I flustered when they brought out the dictionary.
> (Appropriately English of course)
> And the word schedule, pronounced ssshhhedule, and school pronounced
> skool? What is that all about?
> Vince Pitelka wrote:
> I guess we have to live with that, just
>> like we have to live with the reality of so many otherwise intelligent
>> people pronouncing the word "nuclear" like "nucular." How can anyone do
>> that????
>> Best wishes -
>> - Vince
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