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a suggestion regarding identifying clayart members at nceca

updated fri 7 mar 03


Kenneth J. Nowicki on thu 6 mar 03

I just thought I'd share this thought with you all.

Why not add your email address onto your NCECA badge somewhere inbetween your
name and your red dot? Many of us online folks recognize each other by our
screen names more readily than our *real life* names.

I try and always add "" on my name badge... in the hopes
that some other fellow Clayarter might stop and say hello in the event they
don't know me as Ken Nowicki. Just a thought. :-)

See some of you all in less than a week!!!



Kenneth J. Nowicki
Port Washington, NY

"Where it was sunny and 51 degrees here yesterday... and today we've got 3
inches of snow, sleet, and ICE!!! Go figure. Waiting for spring to arrive and
hope to see winter over with by the time I return from sunny San Diego"