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updated sun 9 mar 03


iandol on fri 7 mar 03

Dear Lily Krakowski,=20

Anyone who is in the teaching/education game will themselves have =
learned that there is a fairly consistent make up to a curriculum or =
course content.

Among the topics which have to be addressed very early in designing a =
course are those related to Knowledge. So teachers have to cope with =
teaching students about; Knowledge of Terminology, Knowledge of =
Conventions and Knowledge of Specific Facts, Knowledge of Classification =
and Categories as well as knowledge of Principles and a whole raft of =
other fields of knowledge as well. Now that may be through direct =
teaching or through incidental exposure during demonstrations. But if it =
is not done, and done well, then students are being sold short.

So if there are deviations over time because transmission is a bit on =
the sloppy side it's a good thing if you do get up on your soap box and =
rein in the wayward souls who choose to contest how a word here and =
there would, could or should be used.

Enjoy your visit to San Diego.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia