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hank @ nceca

updated sun 9 mar 03


Hank Murrow on sat 8 mar 03

Clayarters @ NCECA;

Anyone who has been wondering who that 'Hank in Eugene' is, can drop by
the clayart room to visit in person. All these cybervoices will be
fleshed out indeed. I will be demoing my tools but not selling them at
the Conference. Imagine getting by the front rank of airport security
with stainless steel wires and CutOff garottes! And that Roller would
make a dent in someone's head. So, come try them out on a pug of clay,
take a flyer home with you, and get through the airport security with
nary a hiccup. Order from home, folks, and the postal service, airport
security, and I will thank you.

Wear your tag so I can put a name to those cyber-faces.


Hank in LA (at the moment)