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tools and air travel (was: hank @ nceca)

updated mon 10 mar 03


Janet Kaiser on sun 9 mar 03

Before everyone starts panicking about what they can and cannot take...
Just want to say that penknives, tools and other possible or potential
weapons such as knitting needles, nail files, hat pins, darts, stiletto
shoes (some of the confiscated items I saw going through airport security
last month) will only be confiscated from carry-on, hand-baggage which you
are taking into the cabin with you.

If you check your luggage in and collect at the other end, (i.e. will have
no access to it during the flight) it is perfectly OK to pack anything you
want into that... Unless it is some item on the banned list issued by all
carriers and/or national security authorities or looks suspicious (like the
circuit of a home-made bomb) on the x-ray scans ALL baggage goes through.
At least it does over here in Europe... YMMV


Janet Kaiser - no nearer knowing what is wrong with me after first
consultation with the specialist yesterday. Now have to wait five weeks for
the result of yet more blood tests. In the meantime broaden the Rheumatic
research to Raynaud's Phenomenon, Lupus and Scleroderma. At least my hands
were impressively dead when in the consultation!

*** From: Hank Murrow
*** Sent: 08/03/03 Time: 08:50

>>Imagine getting by the front rank of airport security with stainless
steel wires and CutOff garottes! And that Roller would make a dent in
someone's head.<<

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TRUTH is too precious to tell every fool who asks for it...
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