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san diego here i come.clayart and nceca watch out!

updated fri 14 mar 03


Craig Fulladosa on thu 13 mar 03

My dear clay pals,
It has been 5 years since my first Dallas/Ft.Worth trip. Alot has happened
since then, won't bore you with the details. Most humbling for anyone to
experience. Anyway I am coming to NCECA despite everything. I'll regret
missing opening day of Little League.
I am looking forward to seeing all of you. I regret not being as prepared
for going to NCECA as I had hoped. I have been working on computer related
stuff and how it might apply to us potters. I was hoping to bring my
prototypes to share and get advice, feedback and input. All I can do now is
just talk about it.
Somewhere i remember hearing about the best laid plans of mice and potters
oft do go astray- or something like that.
The kiln is firing rt now and I doubt I am going to unload before leaving.
gona show up with substandard cups for the exchange. Maybe I can substitiute
a halfway decent bowl? Well, ineed to stop writing this and pack and get on
the road.

Clayart has been part of my survival, more than anyone will ever know.
I have fallen and am getting off the ground (slowly) and dusting myself off.
I have no place to stay. Suggestions are welcome. Well, i can commute from
San Juan Capistrano at Mom and Dad's 1 hour away.

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