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bird whistles and ocarinas by chris heuer and amy lake of sixth street

updated sat 15 mar 03


Helen Bates on fri 14 mar 03


Steven Goldate mentioned European chirping clay bird whistles, so
naturally I went looking. Here's some of what I found:

Chris Heuer and Amy Lake
handmade ceramic ocarinas (sweet potato and 4-hole), a variety of
whistles including bird whistles, musical and clay jewelry, and several
reproductions of historical musical instruments.

Lark in the Morning (Larkimam)
Larkimam sells a the Heuer/Lake whistle, as well as at least a couple of
other ceramic instruments on this page including the Chinese ocarina -
like "Xun" and gourd rattles wrapped in strings of ceramic beads:
Go to the main page: and search for "clay" or
"ceramic" to find the ocarina page and others with clay instruments.

A water whistle made of brass, not clay, but interesting:

Belarussian pottery
Delightful pottery - the pictures can't be zoomed though.
One photo has a dozen or so little red clay bird and other animal
whistles. I don't know if they are the water type.
This page has photos of Belarussian ceramic tiles - historic - some are
shards, most are whole - photography fair
Home page has links to other cultural pages - not all are complete.
Musicians may be fascinated by the Belarussian bagpipes - very different
from any of the Celtic styles, I think.

Brian Ransom (Eckerd College) St. Petersburg, FL
Brian's page about prehistoric whistling vessels, both air type and
water type, with pictures and diagrams and extensive text describing the
way these whistles worked:
Here's his home page:
This site is absolutely new to me, and constitutes a major find.
However, he is surely not unknown to either the music or the clay arts
If you have enough browser memory, load both the "Instruments" page and
the "Resonators" page for an extra rich musical combination. There is
also the "Deities of Sound" page to listen to (and look at, of course.)
I'm now playing all three pages at once. Not bored anymore!


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