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nez @ nceca day 2

updated sat 15 mar 03


Katheleen Nez on fri 14 mar 03

Just got out of a Fabulous session with Robin Hopper, his wife Judy Dyele, Karen Newgard & Malcolm Davis. Malcolm was A HOOT (one of the 5 Davis's on Nixon's hate list), Karen was very good at outlining what every young clay person needs to know, judy talked about the artist as a sigle parent but keeping your eye on your goal, even if it takes 30 yrs, and Robin, well, Robin was Robin. Kelly's Play was a riot, and we had a good chat about taking slides on Thursday night after the Randall session. Great to see all the Clayarters once again. Hope all goes well with you, Joyce - we certainly miss you...back to the clay revelry, nezbah

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