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oval pots on plastic bats

updated sat 15 mar 03


Tony Olsen on fri 14 mar 03

Hi all!
I was pondering the oval pots last night and came up with a theory. =20
Suppose that the bat could rock back and forth on the pins. This would =
allow the top to become wider in the plane perpendicular to a vertical =
plane through the pins. In other words, if the pins were at 12 and 6 =
O'clock, the wide part would be at 3 and 9 O'clock. This would be due =
to the pot moving (tipping) left or right when it rotates and the =
pressure is at 3 or 9 causing less forming of the clay to occur. The =
taller the piece, the more exaggerated the oval. This could also be =
accompanied by a distinct 'click' as the bat lifts then sets back down =
on the opposite side if the wheel head is clean. Cause? Could be clay =
in the holes for the pins, pins too tall, pins not fitting properly into =
the bat, or bat not pushed all the way down to the wheel head.

There, that's my 2 cents.

Tony, Galveston TX