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updated mon 17 mar 03


terry sullivan on sun 16 mar 03

Well, the conference is over. whew !!!!

We had a fantastic workshop with Malcolm before the conference at the
Nottingham center. Lots of great carbon trap shinos. Then off to NCECA
and the weather was great and the exhibits of clay stuff were plentiful.
After the conference we were going to have one of our giant pit fires
but mother nature decided to bless us with rain so we had a party and
Mark Lancet gave an impromptu workshop on low fire fuming using aluminum
foil wrap. For those who braved the pouring rain to come to Nottingham,
we had a great party. Thanks to Craig Donaldson, Mark Lancet, Jesse
Martin , James Coquia, and all the other wonderful folks who turned
disaster into success.

I'm exhausted and happy with all the wonderful ceramics and clay folks
met at NCECA.

For those who were there and those who were not; Malcolm Davis got a
standing ovation from hundreds at his presentation at NCECA. Not for
his work in clay nesscisarily, but for his work as a political activist
in out work to bring social justice during the 1960's. He is a
champion. A crusader. One who carried the sword of freedom and justice
in those troubling times. We know Malcolm as a potter but he is so
much more.

It is late and I'm off to bed. The rain is heavy and I'm ready for

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Arts