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back from my first nceca

updated tue 18 mar 03


Alyss Dorese on mon 17 mar 03

I just got back from my first NCECA. What a great experience. I am =
reinvigorated and ready to go into my studio. New ideas are spinning in =
my head. I am anxious to try out all the goodies I bought and gifted at =
the conference. The demos were great. Having three people demonstrate =
at a time with three large screens and cameras is ingenious. =20

I participated in my first mug exchange and was awarded with Ann Brink's =
mug. Drank my first cup of coffee from it today and my coffee tasted =
better than ever. Thanks Ann.

Most of all, I want to thank the Clayart people. What a gracious group =
you are. From the moment the Mayor welcomed me when I arrived at the =
Clayart room, I felt that I belonged and not the "new kid on the =

And where else could you find, at a dinner table of 10, four of us were =
originally New Yorkers.

Thanks everyone for your hospitality. I look forward to seeing you all =
again at the next NCECA.

Alyss Dorese
Palm Spring, CA