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back from nceca

updated tue 22 mar 05


Marcia Selsor on sun 16 mar 03

It was really great to see all my old friends from 32 years of previous
NCECAs as well as many many Clayarters. I saw lots of old friends but
missed the performance of Kelly's play (arrive just afterwards and heard
it was great..natch!) Also missed getting back to the clay mug exchange.
I did spend time with clayarters and many others. Boy, Merrie sure
doesn't look like I expected..Russel got my mug! The slide review was
really a big help for me in how to shoot large (8 ft.) pieces as well as
getting good focus on sculptural pieces. The slides at the review were
really impressive. I was surprised by the quality of the slides at the
presntations as a result. The bus loops really threw people off schedule
and stranded many, myself included. All in all there was lots to see but
I usually enjoy the renewal of acquaintances as the most rewarding part

It was really fun but TOO MUCH. I need to sleep for a day or two.
I am signed back onto clayart.

Tuscany in 2003

william schran on sat 19 mar 05

Just returned fro NCECA today.

Best times were meeting folks in the Clayart room that I had only
known via this forum
Mug exchange was nuts, but did meet the individual who got my work,
and met the artist of the lovely yellow glazed porcelain mug I got.

Picked up some ideas from the demonstrations.

Also had a great time in the vendors room.
Had the opportunity to meet several people face to face, who I've
only "met" via phone or email.

I also picked up a cold - well go figure. Began a regiment of
"Airborne" on Friday and that seems to have held it at bay for now.

Glad to have the chance to attend the conference. Given my teaching
schedule, I doubt I'll be able attend another unless it's in driving

Hope Mel makes it back ok. Heard there was 2 feet of snow in
Minnesota yesterday!


Rob on mon 21 mar 05

A whole regiment, Bill? All by yourself? Would that be the 82nd or 101st?
Gosh, think of all the recycling and glaze mixing and studio cleaning you
could get done with all those strong young backs around...

Rob Van Rens

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> I also picked up a cold - well go figure. Began a regiment of
> "Airborne" on Friday and that seems to have held it at bay for now.
> Bill
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