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updated tue 18 mar 03


Merrie Boerner on mon 17 mar 03

I just spent 4 hours on a platter/sculpture.....trying to simulate the
beauty of a coastal tree bark that blew me away. Layers upon layers peeling
back.....exposing new shades of neutral colors with each spongy
can shades of bark have so much exciting depth ?
The gift of seeing........I was born with it, but am learning to apply it to
clay from my mentors. I took a teabowl to NCECA to use for drinks (can't
stand Styrofoam). Nils pointed out that the form was good, the shino was
good.....but the foot was short and the tool marks on the bottom worked
against the hand formed flow. I knew there was something wrong with the
spirit of the vessel....but I just couldn't see it until my mentor pointed
it out.
We all need mentors for one reason or another.....we all are mentors for one
reason or another. Potters Council is kicking around the mentor idea, and
I think it is a good one. I hope you will all be aware of what is going on
with Potters Council ! ESPECIALLY the June conference that they are
putting together ...all about firing.....I'll be there and hope to see yall
"Mississippi Queen"
"Kickass woodfiring woman"
I don't care what you call me.....just so you call me.