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nceca 1st timer!!!

updated wed 19 mar 03


Cher Gauvin on mon 17 mar 03

Your candid shots of Clayarters are wonderful, if not a bit of a tease
for those of us left home alone. It's killing me not knowing who's who!
Can't a few of you who attended identify some names for the rest of us?
Maybe a yearly poster?
Cher Gauvin

mudslingers@ATT.NET on mon 17 mar 03

what an enlightening and inspiring experience! i had such
an incredible time attending the NCECA functions and lots
of Clayart FUN! i had a blast meeting so many talented,
energized, giving, and just plain wonderful people!
(mel so graciously accepts hugs from strangers. :-)
being mostly a lurker for nearly 10 years, i had the urge to
hug alot of folks cause i felt like i knew them! but i managed
to restrain myself--for the most part anyway!).
if you haven't been, you've gotta go!
ahhh, the unquenchable thirst it has all created!
i could go on and on but i'm not as eloquent a writer
as kelly! so i'll just let you know that i put up a site
of some candid shots (stop groaning) i hope you enjoy:

also, did anyone ever get my mug exchange clay thingy?

Lauren Bellero
Mudslingers Pottery
Red Bank, NJ 07701