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updated tue 18 mar 03


Merrie Boerner on mon 17 mar 03

Just unpacked from the fabulous NCECA trip. Somehow, I came home with 4
hotel know, the flat, flexible plastic kind. They are great for
scraping the sides of glaze buckets and for pushing glaze through the sieve.
I'll bet there are other uses to be discovered while I work.
The laundry is in the washing machine, the week old chicken (no bologna) and
sour milk is in the garbage, I've washed the dogs and scratched the NOW I'm cutting my fingernails and going to do something with
clay ! While I work, I'll think of the people, the laughs, the knowledge,
the vessels......the whole week's experience. Soon I'll post a page out of
my NCECA diary.......but, right now, the clay is calling.
Thanks to everyone !
Merrie in Mississippi