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updated wed 19 mar 03


Earth and Fire Pottery on mon 17 mar 03

Hi all-

Another NCECA, another fabulous Clayart gang. One
of the things I continually come away with after
gathering with potters is how open and friendly this
group is. Everything is shared (sometimes not a good t
thing!), and there is no reason not to introduce
yourself to anyone at an event such as this. From the
most famous, (and infamous), to the newest newbee,
potters are such open, generous people.
Back in the radio booth today, with visions of
Malcolm and shino dancing in my head. Don Rietz, being
able to stand one foot away from a hamada pot!!!!!!!!!
Dinner at the Crockadile Cafe, and, as Mel would
agree, i won the prize again this year I guess, at the
Mug exchange. a connie christianson, just like Mels'.
Last year i got Lowell Bakers' wood fired tea pot!
The opening night clayart party was a huge
success, with Primalmommy's play, the ugly tie
contest, and an auction of one of Mel's mother in law
blue plates, which went for over $500. with the
proceeds going to Mel's project. Don't miss next
years! (HE HE HE).

I realized today I came away from this years NCECA
with something very valuable. Two things really. One,
the ability to visualize in 3D has finally penetrated
my head, thanks to elaine coleman and others, and two,
I came away feeling that having chosen to make pots
for a living has turned out to be one of the most
incredible and fortunate things I have ever done. What
other industry or business has as it's core people who
are unfailingly and unconditionally friendly, helpful,
giving and loving. I can't think of one. We are truly

Gregg Allen Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
Whispering Pines, Ca

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clifton wood on tue 18 mar 03

hi, all.

is there any easy way to find out who got one's (read mine) mug?

besides all of us sending a note to list asking, sho got my mug?

thanks for any ideas.

sabra wood
rochester ny