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nceca return

updated wed 19 mar 03


Craig Fulladosa on tue 18 mar 03

What an honor to be among some truly great people. It has been five years
awaiting for my return to NCECA since Ft.Worth. I had a fantastic time.
Thanks for being so open and friendly like the last time. Stephani, I was
sorry about not getting more time chatting with you.Joan, it was grweat to
see you again at Nottingham along with all the others. Thanks, for making
the place available, Terry. Mississippi wood firer Merie, it was nice to
meet you too. Just not enuf time to say hello to everyone or see everything.
I got in late, almost missed the whole event! I may not get to another one
in quite some time
Mishy, Linda, David and Roger- missed spending more time with y'll, you were
tons of fun in 3559. My Santa Fe friends were the best, you know who you
are. Mel, thanks for making a big guy welcome again.I am revitalized.

Missed meeting - Marcia Selsor, Dhannon Rudy, Linda Arbuckle and Paul
Lewing. and many more.
KW - u need to lighten up! Some day you could walk the same path, but in a
different way.