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updated wed 19 mar 03


Fabienne Micheline Cassman on tue 18 mar 03


Starting to emerge from the work that piled up while I was gone. I am
slowly going through the mug exchange cards to make a list of who got whose
mug. Once it is all sorted out, it will be posted on my web site along with
the pictures from NCECA just like I do every year. Carol Commins, you
didn't come to the exchange; I was unable to meet you and thank you for
your mug. I love the glazing, it feels wonderful to hold it, and what an
elegant signature :)

This year, there is an insane amount of pictures because there were three
of us taking pictures, Bonnie Hellman, Don Goodrich, and myself. By the way
Don, did you make it back from Tijuana? Last I heard from you Sunday, you
were on your way there. :D

The musicians after the Randall Session were such a hit! One could not help
but move to the beat! I snatched one of their CDs before they ran out. It
felt good to toss our shoes off and go wild :D You can find them at where I found out they have another CD

I particularly enjoyed the Clay Rebels and Soldners shows in La Jolla (1st
stop) R.Maldonado also had a show there. One word, stunning! Good thing you
were there or we would have missed the bottom of your plates. "dip, dot,
dip, dot, dip, dot,... " :D The downtown tour comprised the Mingei museum
featuring Japan's National Treasures and other goodies; what a treat. Rikki
Gill, my wonderful roommate, and I found a gallery on 4th Avenue, #23, I
forgot the name of the place; did anyone take pictures there? I ran out of
film :( It had ceramics string instruments and Egyptian inspired
figurative statues which I drooled over.

Could the person who wrote the Peanut Butter play send me a copy or post
the script? I wanted to keep my line as a souvenir but someone insisted on
prying it from my live warm fingers :D It was well done and absolutely

What a great closing talk by Don Reitz. Now everyone has to do their own
cooking. I should have thought about that earlier ;)

It was great to see everyone again and some for the first time. Next year
now hopefully.


Fabienne Cassman

WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the above
because my cats have apparently learned to type.

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