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pictures: nceca

updated sun 23 mar 03


mudslingers@ATT.NET on wed 19 mar 03

i rec'd some suggestions for adding names to the faces and
re-posting with the word "pictures" in the subject line.
so here it is! i still need a little help identifying
people, so let me know if you're mug is there (well, not
your "mug" or "clay thingy", but your face, back of the head,
body part, ugly tie, etc.). offlist please!

for pictures of some of the clayarters at NCECA go to:

and i'm still wondering who got my clay thingy...


Lauren Bellero
Mudslingers Pottery
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Pat & Fred Voss on sat 22 mar 03

Hi Lauren,

Just a quickie! Photo #71, on the left hand side is Jeff Tsai.

I'll keep looking.

Best wishes, Pat Voss