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mel's new mug (connie christansen piece)

updated thu 20 mar 03


Helen Bates on wed 19 mar 03

Hey Connie!

I enjoyed that green pottery. But, sure, send the gallery some new stuff,
and let us know about it.


Gail Dapogny on wed 19 mar 03

Hi Helen and everyone,
I hope you do show some stuff of Connie's. In the Clayart slide
presentation/discussion at NCECA which is always instructive and a hit , I
was knocked out by so much good stuff, but 3 things jumped out at me: the
work of Rikki Gill, Connie Christensen (whom I also remembered from last
year's presentation), and Billie Mitchell. I wanted to meet them all and
tell them, but only got to talk to Rikki (who's such a peach of a person).

Mel told me that rooming with the wonderful Lori (Leary) would change my
life, and it did!! Besides our mutual hitting it off, I got to meet a lot
more people than I ordinarily would (since I tend to hang back). She's
just so great! And when Lori and the irepressible Carla (Flati) are at the
same table, well.... as Mel said, life changes! I also really enjoyed
getting to know better Millie Carpenter and Ilene Mahler (also roommates
and neat people). And Dave Finkelnburg is a FIRST CLASS person, and --I
hope -- a friend for life. Karen Terpstra is one in a million, and Nils
still leaves me tongue-tied. What a wonderful big Clayart family we are
-- really! I talked to so many terrific people.

Was sorry to only get to talk to Ron Roy minimally, same with Vince (who
was sick), and not see Liz Willoughby, and not meet Hank. And missed David
Hendley and Dannon and Joyce. And Malcolm and Don Reitz inspired us all.
Enough!! Thanks to all who were there and made my life better by saying hello!

>Hey Connie!
>I enjoyed that green pottery. But, sure, send the gallery some new stuff,
>and let us know about it.

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