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my first nceca etc.

updated thu 20 mar 03


Kathryn Kirby on wed 19 mar 03

This will be my first posting to Clayart and I'm a little nervous...hope it
comes through.

NCECA was truly a life changing experience for me...this was my first
one....watching the demos, listening to the lectures and panel discussions,
and most of all meeting all the amazing clay folks from all over the world!
I didn't attend the Clayart parties etc due to being totally overwhelmed at
the end of each day, but now that I know a few familiar faces, next year I'll
join in the festivities!

I dropped off my non-mug art piece for the mug exchange, and wondered who was
the recipient? (It was a tiny bottle with "imagine" imprinted on it)...also,
Karin from Del was so nice meeting you and talking with you....did
you get my note about picking up the mug for me???? If not, that's ok...but
if you did, please email me off line to let me know....I'll be in San Diego
on March 26th ....MY NEW HOME!!!!!!!! Can't wait.

I am excited about this upcoming move, and hope to become actively involved
in the San Diego area potter's community. Please let me know if you live
and work in that area and if it's ok, if I could come by to meet you and talk
pottery with you....sorry I missed you at NCECA...

Mel, thanks for making me feel so welcome that one time I ventured into the
Clayart room to see what was what...also Lauren, you did a great job with the
photos, and your website looks wonderful!

Whew, well that's it....hope this makes it onto the list! Thanks for your