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updated sat 22 mar 03


Maurice Weitman on thu 20 mar 03


I joined clayart six weeks (and what seems like several thousand
messages) ago, and aside from several off-list messages, I've been
lurking and soaking it all in. Well, I guess not all of it soaked in.

My earliest time (as an adult) with muddy hands was about thirty
years ago when I spent a summer throwing, but life and my career
intervened until about twenty years ago when I moved to California
and took some sculpting classes and did some hand-building.

This semester, I've been taking two ceramics classes, throwing and
hand-building, at our local community college, College of Marin.
Clayarter Fredrick Paget is in one of my classes and introduced me to
the list.

It's all coming back to me and going in to me. I'm having a blast
and trying to figure out ways to do clay art most of the time; even

I also just returned from my first NCECA conference where my levels
of interest in and excitement for
clay have gone off the charts. Being relatively new to clay, I
expected that I might be overwhelmed by all the information, ideas,
and creative energy there. And I surely was.

But I was more pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I felt being
with the four thousand people who made the pilgrimage with me.

I've enjoyed experiencing the wisdom, generosity, and sense of
community here on the list and there in person, and look forward to
more. Thanks for being here.