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sta at home mug exchange

updated sat 22 mar 03


Bill Edwards on fri 21 mar 03


I sure liked what I recieved from my exchange partner.
Its a little animal sorta thingy that has a cute grin
going on and tufts of hair here and there with styrene
or monofiliment and jute cord. Thanks to Denise
Johnson of Artful Earth for her creation! I am pleased
as punch on how well this has worked out. I also want
to thank Light One Candle for the web work and whoever
else was involved in making this year another great
success. I am sending a jpg of what I recieved from my
mug exchange partner for inclusion on the page of
jpg's for all us stay at home folks.

Rush - 'Av you come down wit sumptin? I think most
people are aware of your lingo and moods and have
learned to accept it. The ones getting a surprize
would be new comers to the site. They would think they
were head on with a Texas tornado at first but then
once they kept reading and held their grounds they
would see it was only a little dirt devil of a wind
passing through. I do think you would be better off
with some mud on your hands while Gloria is out and
about. If you are sick, I wish you better health and a
fast return to muddville, USA.

Marianne Lombardo - Its been forever since I have
talked to you. I would like to keep contact, would you
e.mail me off list? We used to do lots of conversing
over glazes and I found some older e.mails that
reminded me of that. I may have mis-spelled your name
but I got lazy and didn't go back to check the old
address. You can hit me over the head with a wet
noodle latter if I did.

Where'd all our doctors disappear? Ed, Tom and a few
others seemed to have flown the coop. I miss seeing
the good analyticals regarding oxides and other
chemicals. I am also extremely happy that Alisa
Clausen has gained up with someone that will post all
those tests she has been making over the years. I have
always admired her for doing that. I know she used to
run some of mine through the wringers and for that I
will always be grateful. I am soon to do some much
needed site work on my site and will change one page
to include tests on the glazes I make which will also
have the live Q/A part on there for questions. I
needed to do physical work and see what the site
needed prior to expanding on it. The feedback has been
great and is always appreciated.

Bill Edwards
Alabama Potter


Bill Edwards
PO Box 267
Lafayette, AL, 36862

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