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ceramic supplies in paris, france

updated sun 23 mar 03


Fredrick Paget on sat 22 mar 03

Can anyone give me the name and address of a pottery /ceramics supplies
store in Paris, France?
I want to pick up some Limoges porcelain on the way back from Europe in a
few days. Also to look at what ever goodies that they may have that are new
to me.
Fred Paget

From Fred Paget, Marin County, California, USA

Edouard Bastarache on sat 22 mar 03

Hello Fred,

get in touch with Mr. A. Wewerka at Richoux S.A.'s in Orly,
a suburb of Paris:

Adresse(s) d'email :


"Ils sont fous ces Quebecois"
Edouard Bastarache
Irreductible Quebecois
Indomitable Quebeker

Jerry Coleman on sat 22 mar 03

Dear Fred. The big supplier of ceramic materials here in France is a company
called Ceradel. I usually but direct from Limoges and they deliver, but
apparently they have a Paris store, although I've never been there. Their HQ
is in Limoges, and they do supply porcelain.
The address in Paris is:
CERADEL SOCOR -PARIS, 51 rue des Presles, 93300, AUBERVILLIERS.
Telephone 01 48 11 11 11.

Contact me if I can be of any further help.
Jerry Coleman