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nceca pictures and mug exchange match list ready

updated sun 23 mar 03


Fabienne Cassman on sat 22 mar 03


I finally finished putting everything up.

My thanks to Bonnie Hellman and Don Goodrich who sent me their pictures and stories. The pictures are three slide show; so sit back and enjoy. You can access each one from under our respective names, Bonnie, Don and Fabienne.

The mug exchange matching list is at If your name is missing, please contact me OFF list or cc: me OFF list, ditto if you have any questions or comments. As I am going to rest for a bit, don't be suprised if it takes me a few days to get back to you.

On a more personal note, I finished my AFA (associate of fine arts) last Thursday and I had a blast doing it. It was worth it for me; my eyes don't glaze over anymore when I look at art ;)




WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the above
because my cats have apparently learned to type.

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