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ravenscrag slip glaze.

updated tue 25 mar 03


Tony Olsen on mon 24 mar 03

Howdy all!
Just took some pictures of my latest glaze and posted them on my site. =
If you would like to see it, here's the link.

Click on Ravenscrag then, for a larger view of each, click on the =

The glaze didn't quite come out as I thought it would but I think I like =
it better than the picture showing what the glaze should look like. The =
recipe called for "copper" and I used copper carbonate. This, I =
suspect, gave me more blues in the glaze. It is supposed to be a green =
breaking to blue, but is mostly a light blue breaking to a "kinda" =
blue-green where it overlaps white. The lower portions are semi matte =
and will not mark with a table knife, so seems fairly durable. =20

Ravenscrag site is here:

Take care, stay muddy, and have fun!

Tony Olsen (Galveston)