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colored slip--suggestion for coating greenware

updated wed 26 mar 03


m markey on tue 25 mar 03

Hi Ronnie!

Are you using the slip for "slip casting," that is, pouring the slip into a
mold, or is the slip to be applied as a coating to greenware?

If you're using the slip as a coating to ware that hasn't yet been fired, I
suggest applying it when the piece is "leather hard," or when the piece is
hardened, but still has sufficient moisture to accept the slip.

This requires experimentation on your part, to determine how wet or how dry
the piece must be, in order to keep the slip from flaking off the greenware.
In ideal conditions, the slip will probably leave a trace of itself when
handled, when you load it in the kiln. So handle dried slip-coated wares as
infrequently as possible!

I'm not familiar with slip-casted wares, to advise you for slip casting

Have fun with your slips and wares!

From: ronnie beezer

Hello everyone:

I just purchased a few bottles of different colored slip and I would like to
start using them but I need some help on how to. We are not encouraged to
use them at the studio so I'm really on my own at home. I would really
appreciate any help and suggestions anyone has.

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