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if i could i wood!

updated wed 26 mar 03


Ababi on tue 25 mar 03

I resend the letters I have sent while some of you had fun in the warm beaches of San
The page in my site:
It was after a clayarter or two complained that they failed trying to "woodfire" in their
electric kiln

Subject: Re: wood-fired look and thrilled.

Let me start here: (Of course)
I never made wood fire. If I could I certainly ( wood)!
The only time was as a beginner I put a bisqued war into a fire out of home with the
potatoes but it is not considered.

I wrote before. I have an electric kiln. I can fire up to 1280C 2336F. I decided to fire to
^6 in order not to spend too much money. Looking back I think I have done right
because this way I know the behavior of the kiln, clays and glazes better and
manipulates them to my needs.

Presuming that no one of you ever seen or made woodfiring and the only place we
ALL have seen woodfiring is in the CM of February 2003 I can look at the article of
Richard Busch and tell you what I think
The first fact :
These wares looked oriental,Japanese, the tall wares, the delicate black stokes of
the brush.
This glaze on any other wares would look boring.
The minute I saw the article (60X24X30 minutes after you of course)
It reminded me of a glaze I made and used Nepheline Syenite instead of Quartz by
I recalculated it to "Western materials here:

Cone 6 1222 deg.C. -

Custer feldspar 28.00
EPK Kaolin 21.00
Calcium Carbonate 11.00
zinc oxide 10.00
strontium carbonate 6.00
frit 3110 24.00
Tin Oxide 10.00
Red Iron Oxide 6.00

Seger Weight%
KNO 0.268 8.89%
CaO 0.334 8.55%
MgO 0.001 0.02%
ZnO 0.298 11.09%
SrO 0.099 4.67%
Al2O3 0.325 15.12%
P2O5 0.001 0.06%
B2O3 0.022 0.69%
SiO2 1.853 50.83%
TiO2 0.002 0.09%
K2O 0.089 3.83%
Na2O 0.179 5.05%
Al:Si 5.70
Expan. 9.05
ST 374.43

Clay Body buff mottled!
Colour brown

Comment: Apply thin or medium/
Though it has high tin it is kind of translucent.
As I said this version was not tested

This evening ( at your breakfast time) I made out of my orange brown paperclay some
bottles, "oriental" look to test some recipes of this woodfiring business. As I say: It is
the look of the ware the claybody and in the end the translucent brown glaze or the
cream off white glaze, which is not a big deal.
I will try to take a picture of a mug I made with this glaze to show you what I mean.
Actually I think I have it on my site it is not a great picture but as a starting point, it is
the brown glaze.

I look in the recipes. There is nothing holy in them. Enter to
See the extraordinary use of Stephen with oxidation
Try them thin and thick Just remember you need translucency!
You need mottled buff claybody
It has to look 'wood fired, not too modern shape!
I opened a new page in my site.
The pictures the are not in the best quality, I shall try to improve them, I called the
If I could I wood! (fire)
All the wares, different claybodies Crystal glaze. From my point of view, beyond the
crystal firing one step farther!
I manipulate this technique for my needs my dreams ( I wood) If I Cood- Ababi


Subject: Re: Wood Fired Look from an Electric

This thread reminds me of a correspondence I had with Tony Hansen. In his books he
writes negatively about "text books" about copying recipes. I wrote him and said that it
was my way to learn. Tony wrote that it was fine just when you had known what you
put in.
I think in this recipe as well as the article, we have an example of a recipe given as an
axiom the one and the only one way to have this way of glazing. That was the reason
of my very critical letter from Wednesday.
This morning I will fire the examples I have made and glaze them. Even if I will not
succeed I will not change my mind in this point.
There are a few groups of glazes that you must do in a certain way but i do not except
that in order to get the special "Look" you must do it with one "holy glaze" one "holy
Ababi the rebel!
>For those interested, Richard Busch said "the nutmeg/wsm combo is poured,
>one coat, not too thick. the additional wsm (for brush stroke background) is
>brushed on fairly thickly"

>South Carolina

Ababi's ASH AND SOIL#17B ^6 oxidation decorative glaze

Cone 6 1222 deg.C. -

soil 22.50
pine ash 22.50
Laguna Borate 11.30
RedArt Clay 14.50
Quartz 19.30
EPK Kaolin 10.00
Tin Oxide 5.00
Red Iron Oxide 1.00

Seger Weight%
KNO 0.374 10.83%
CaO 0.445 8.88%
MgO 0.181 2.59%
Al2O3 0.277 10.03%
P2O5 0.041 2.06%
B2O3 0.127 3.15%
SiO2 2.903 62.07%
TiO2 0.013 0.38%
K2O 0.225 7.54%
Na2O 0.149 3.29%
Al:Si 10.50
About 4% iron
Expan. 8.11
ST 332.93
This was glaze 17 in the grid. I did it in Curries site than changed the kaolin to the red
Sieve and wash the ash twice. Sieve the soil in 30- 80 mesh screen. add CMC apply
thin and thick.
Was tested only once!