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nceca pictures: more id's

updated wed 26 mar 03


Stephani Stephenson on tue 25 mar 03

bless your heart for putting those great NCECA photos and slide show on
the web. You and Bonnie and Don took some wonderful photos. Each a
different perspective on the event but together, wonderful!
The scroll menu on the left seems to work great too, though it seems to
appear after a few slides have progressed, on its own accord!?

In your slideshow did you know that the tiled fountain shown in the
first picture (EL Prado, Balboa Park) and especially shown in center
of the sixth picture (Mingei museum on the Left , Museum of man on the
right) was made by Laird Plumleigh, founder of Alchemie Studio and
tilemaker with whom I work? (who is also the mystery guy 'Fred' of the
the 'Fred and Barney' ugly tie tag team)

I am one of the mystery clayart player s, # 17, in the P B and J skit
, on Bonnnie's slide show ..looking consternated and irritated (just
acting of course) as "fedup@clayart .com'.

Thank you all for an enjoyable photo journey !

Stephani Stephenson