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nceca... im home finally

updated wed 26 mar 03


Billie Mitchell on tue 25 mar 03

first i would like to thank all who supported me when my father passed
away. clayarters are the best. they were there for me. during hard times
you know who is your friends are..and i consider clayarters my friends.

even though i had to leave early i had one of the best times ever! i
learned alot more from just sitting and talking to clayarters than anyone
else. so much talent and so much knowledge. not to mention potters know how
to party more than anyone i know. or at least i think they do... i saw so
many of my freinds that i only get to see once a year or so and made some
wonderful new friends.

the slide show was great thanks to russell and all who helped. ( i did very
little) i learned alot about shooting your own pics and also things to make
sure that your photographer should do.

the cocktail party was a hoot.. if you look at the pics and see the one of
just a hubby.. thats my hubby and hes not just a hubby.. hes my best
supporter. he totes,packs, helps me fire pots, travels and when i run short
of money supports my clay business. so hes not just a hubby hes my hubby..

i wasnt able to make it there for the mug exchange but i did get a mug
thanks to mishy.. she picked mine up as well as don gardners thank you
mishy.. wish i could have been there.

in closing i wish to thank all of you again for being there for me.

see you next yr for sure!
billie mitchell