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"nceca... im home finally" and ode to the supporters!

updated thu 27 mar 03


mudslingers@ATT.NET on wed 26 mar 03

on Tue, 25 Mar 2003 07:21:33, billie mitchell wrote:

>if you look at the pics and see the one of just a hubby.. thats
>my hubby and hes not just a hubby.. hes my best supporter.
>he totes,packs, helps me fire pots, travels and when i run short
>of money supports my clay business. so hes not just a hubby hes my hubby..

oh billie, i hear ya, woman!! i've got me one of those too!
undeniably the most AWESOME of enablers! i know i would never
be as far along in my clay pursuits if i didn't have paul. he
is the "s" in "mudslingers pottery". and every chance i get i
tell folks "i make the pots, but he makes it all possible!".
he set up my studio (giving up lots of his workshop space in
the basement, often, playfully, referred to as "the relentless
encrouchment"), packs and unpacks and sells with me at shows,
built all my display shelves; a light box from john's
plans in CT; a slab roller; tools... is in the process of
building me another spray booth (from vince's recent CT
article) -- complete with HVLP sprayer, 6hp compressor, and
high CFM enclosed motor louvered exhaust fan (can't you just
hear tim allen grunting: "ARR,ARR,ARR!"). he also has been my
patron of the arts. which i appreciate even more since being
down sized from a large company after 17 years and our joint
decision of trying to make a go of it as a full time potter.
so, like i said the "just a hubby" term was your husband's phrase,
not mine. because i do truly appreciate those who support us. i
know not everyone is as lucky as billie and i, and i hope i don't
sound like i'm bragging, but i just wanted to pay tribute and
give a little due respect to those behind the scenes whom we
couldn't be without!

Lauren Bellero
Mudslingers Pottery
Red Bank, NJ 07701