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after nceca

updated thu 27 mar 03


ASHPOTS@AOL.COM on wed 26 mar 03

Im still trying to get back into a normal life after NCECA. I have finished
firing my Alpine and waiting for it to cool. I have T-pots sets for the T-pot
show at Mudfire in Atlanta and Bird homes and Humming bird feeders for a show
that open Thurs nite in Chattanooga. I made all this stuff before i went to
California. The firing was good, i was able to peek at 300 degrees. It seems
all i can think about was the the Volkous video that was running at the
college that was showing The Volkous and his students and the show with his
student work. The video stated that he would come in about 9 PM and leave
about 6 AM after using 3 tons of clay. If i go thru 200 lbs in a day im over
joyed. I really like San Diego and i thinking , wow why am i living up here
on this Mtn. Well leaving yesterday to go to a dinner with Michael Baxley
and Anna his wife and Bill and Julie Stuffer parents of a friend i met thru
clay , coming of off the mtn it seems spring has sprung. The Red buds were
flowering and the new leaves of the trees were showing there new lite green
and the combination always amazes's me. So i guess it all works out and i
need to really kick back to gear and get busy. The whole NCECA thing is so
much better because of Clayart and all the special friends ive met at the
Clayart room and also because of the red dots on our name tags. I spent extra
days with Nan cruising California seeing things and spending a Sunday
crawling on the rocks at LaJolla at low tide, that was super and also seeing
a wall for a Library that had lots of clay stuff with rocks and found art.
That wall should have been on a bus tour, except the busses didnt work well.
We also spent a day with Stepanie and got to see place where she worked and
also got to eat fish tacos and seviche,YUM. I guess what im trying to say is
that I never would have met Nan and Stephanie if it wasnot for Clayart. I
woudnt have had bought a Oxy probe , not met Dave Finkelnburg my yearly
roommate , Billie Mitchell and Bill Buckner that have become super friends ,
Clayart is very special, no matter the subject.
Make pots , fire kilns , have a great day

Mark Issenberg
Rising Fawn Ga