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guatemalan pit-to-ee

updated thu 27 mar 03


Ron Collins on wed 26 mar 03

On the subject of out-dated's great to be back,
lurking mostly:

one-week broken rib

Venancio made, I glazed and fired 600 geese to use at a cancer fundraiser,
gratis, and I'm not making a cent so far in this so called business, but
really a lifestyle..........did that last week before broken rib....I have
photos to send of that ....."fake" blue celadon.....lovely....

firing in a crank up softbrick raku kiln, as I'd go in hole if using $4,000
L and L kiln I can't afford to use here at the moment

production per day: 2 bisque loads or if up at five, two ^6 glaze firings on
13" shelves, one full on bottom, and one or two halves above-talk about a
daily grind-but I love that kiln.....

breaking even in shop, so can afford to experiment and find out what sells

main selling item: 15" slumped gold/orange/white salad bowl with bird that
just clears the wall of above kiln, breaking the rule of not hanging off the
shelf in a updraft gas kiln

making porcelain in a tub and pouring slip on a sheet to dry out and
wedge-pee helps plasticity...leaves, bugs, and volcanic ash-a lot lately-add
character-as they blow in in the 3-4 days it takes to dry out on the

whittling broken pieces of cone so they will fit the kiln sitter in the test
kiln when I put gold on jewelry pieces

etc, etc......Clennell, no one can explain why we do what we do-either you
can't live without it, or you'll drop out.....but, what a wonderful life if
you give someone an opportunity to make it click......what a life.....I
wouldn't trade mine.......I don't try to explain why I do what I do...I
don't know either.....Melinda Collins, Antigua, Guatemala