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updated sat 29 mar 03


Stephani Stephenson on fri 28 mar 03

George wrote :
One thing, however, really "disappointed" me as much as it rather gives
me hope. Kohler company has a line of sinks on pedestals which are sold

at higher prices as "art" objects. What I saw actually saw was a
room set off with persons clipping decals from pages and pasting them
around on the sinks. Well, I gotta tell you this is not my idea of
art" at all

.Hi George
you know I see your point on on the expectation and disappointment with
the Kohler 'art' sinks.

however I think they have had an interesting side effect on the 'market'
and have actually
helped enlarge the market for high end bathroom ware.
By showing them in high end showrooms they have
raised the perceived value and help raise the acceptable/acknowledged
prices which people are willing to pay .
This has promoted the visibility of 'custom' sinks
and I think potters and ceramists who make handmade sinks can benefit
from this.

Nowadays, if someone sees a handmade sink for 400-1500 dollars
they aren't shocked , because they have seen pricey Kohler sinks in
high end showrooms...

So I am at least glad they sell them for higher prices.

instead of selling fancy 'revival' or 'art' style sinks at Kohler
for only $65

Stephani Stephenson