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updated mon 31 mar 03


stacey ballard on fri 28 mar 03

Hi All,

I have had a hard time finding people who are working in the same market I am. Most of the artists in my area are doing craft fairs....I did this for about 5 years and due to health problems I had to stop. Currently I market my work to interior designers. It is a great market, I highly recommend that more artists look working with interior designers. I have found that my work sells well in this market and I do specialized pieces which they like to offer to their clients. But, there is still so much for me to learn. I just wish I had someone to ask...what has made your business successful?....what mistakes did you make that you really learned from? I highly reccomend that people take a business was the back bone of getting my business going, I developed a business plan, learned about target markets. But when you get to the specifics of marketing artwork to a certain clientel, knowing someone who has been there would be a huge help.How many of the artists on this sight make
their living from their artwork?

I am glad you liked my websight, I am getting good feedback from it. My husband developed the sight for me which was a huge help. I am not that computer savy. The decoupage pieces where done with magazine cut outs, I have had health problems that have sometimes kept me in bed, so I use the time to cut images out of magazines. I then use this decopage glue ( you can get it at craft stores) I layer the images, then when I am done I seal it with laquer.

Well...If anyone out there would like to set up some diolog on the business side of the art world I would love to hear from you.


Stacey in Tahoe

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annsemple on sat 29 mar 03

Stacy - While it isn't exactly live help, Robin Hopper's latest book
"Stayin' Alive" is has biographical sketches from successful artists (14 of
them I think) describing their methods for marketing their goods, as well
as chapters by a lawyer, an accountant, a publisher, and a photographer, all
focused primarily on how to get your business up and running, and keep it
that way.
It would be wonderful to have a mentor, but given the absence of that , I
think this book may be the next best thing.
( )Clayfoot Crockery
\ ( Victoria, B.C. Canada
\ _ )

stacey ballard on sat 29 mar 03

Thanks for the info. I am a bookworm, so I will definetly pick it up...another great book is "taking the leap: building a career as a visual artist" By Cay Lang

Thanks Again,


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Mitch Kotula on sun 30 mar 03

The Potters Council ( is
putting together a mentoring program and I am the guy
drafting the draft plan.

Mel will be re-posting the request for input, but
basically we are looking for input as to what you
would want from a mentor or mentoring program and what
would you contribute as a mentor or mentoring program.

My belief is that if we can idealize for a bit we will
capture a worthy and valuable program that will be of
benefit to studio potters, the audience the Potters
Council serves. From this ideal we can then tackle
just how it could be implemented.

Go for it.


Mitch Kotula
Development Plus
PO Box 2076
Hamilton, MT 59840-4076
406-961-5136 (Home)
406-546-6980 (Cell)

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