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tile,thanks for lively discussion ,now what kiln stacking works best

updated fri 4 apr 03


Working Potter on thu 3 apr 03

Hello folks,
I want to say how ppreciative I am to those who took time to respond and I
found it enlightening and interesting.
I wish to push this further and ask what methods seem to work best for tiles
of more than flat types and irregular shapes and odd sizes when it comes to
firing a large scale project.I bought tile setters but they have a
usefulness more for sizes and shapes in a range more of the conventional
sizes.I tumble stacked and edge stack fired them in bisque and got a huge
quantity in but they need a great shelf capacity for the glaze firings and of
course the nature of glaze firings impart slight coloration changes firing to
firing that makes more pictoral sculptural projects that are not repetitous
same design patterns more challenging to get an acceptible color continuity
from firing to firing.
Also, how have you dealt with losses in a sculpted piece like we learned from
the likes of Peter King where it is free sculpted?
Another question is how many who make your own tile install it as Peter does?
i imagine there are some interesting tales about that experience[s] out
Thanks for any further discussion on this topic.