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moving to europe

updated mon 7 apr 03


Ruth Ballou on sun 6 apr 03

Hello all,

It looks pretty certain that my husband's job will take us to Brussels,
Belgium, for an extended period of time, perhaps as long as 10 years.
We move in August and I've made one visit. I've heard many wonderful
things about Brussels. CM had an article 6 months ago about a potter's
adventure in locating studio space in Brussels. I contacted the author,
through CM, had an enjoyable meeting with the owner of the studio and
have tentatively agreed to rent it. I'm amazed how these things work
out. The article appeared at the precise time moving was first
mentioned. I barely had a chance to wonder where I'd work.

I'm looking forward to a different clay experience. I know there are a
few clayarters across the pond and I'm already in touch with Russel
Fouts. I plan to travel a lot! Any clay related suggestions of people,
places and things to see and do in Europe and beyond?


Ruth Ballou
Silver Spring,MD ----- working on polishing her very rusty high school